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Kenneth A. Kaufman


Phone: 703-993-1709

Office: Room 410, 4031 University Dr. Lat: 38 deg 50' 33" N, Long: 77 deg 18' 20" W

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Research Interests:

Machine learning

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Multistrategy Learning

Analysis of Learning Strategies

Major Projects:

VINLEN: An intelligent assistant for knowledge discovery

EMERALD: An integrated tool for education and research in machine learning

Bio sketch:

Ken Kaufman spent most of his youth in Norwalk, Connecticut and is a Research Assistant Professor in the Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia (check out the lovely weather we're having). He received his B.A. in Mathematics from Wesleyan University in 1982, his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois in 1986, and his Ph.D. in Information Technology at George Mason University in 1998. His primary research interest involves studying methods for knowledge discovery from large databases based on the multistrategy application of machine learning tools.

EMERALD He was one of the developers of ILLIAN, a presentation of five machine learning programs that has appeared at eight U.S. science museums and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors; and EMERALD, a more detailed system that has been used as an educational and research tool on both sides of the Atlantic. He co-authored chapters in the books Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Machine Learning and Data Mining: Methods and Applications, and has also published several journal and conference papers. Click here for a full list.

Ken has presented his research at the IJCAI-89 Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Databases, the sixth International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, and the Third International Workshop on Multistrategy Learning, among others. He was an assistant instructor at the European Summer School on Machine Learning at Oud Turnhout, Belgium (that's right around the "P" in "ANTWERPEN" on this 276K map), and at the Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence in Capri, Italy.

When he steps away from here, his interests include such things as:

Ken orienteering

card Games

O-control Orienteering with the Quantico Orienteering Club

stealie The Grateful Dead (take a look at my tape list)

SOB logo Traveling to on- and offbeat places

AL-TV The poetry of Weird Al Yankovic.

Ken co-hosts a monthly movie group with Metropolitan Washington Mensa. He likes to read when he has the time. He lives with one wonderful human and has had the pleasure of being owned by a number of loving pets, the current number of such being 3.

Even a severe case of SPS has not prevented Ken's non-technical writings from appearing in such diverse locations as DeadBase, the Washington Post and For over 20 years, whenever inspiration has hit him, he has written parodies and hybrids of songs, tv shows, and whatever worthy targets have appeared. Some of them may soon be reachable from this space.

Please take a number. We will be with you shortly.

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