Group Descriptiveness of the Turkish Media

Here we visualize the party descriptiveness of Turkish media.
Bars of a media (i.e. bars in a row) denote the probability of a randomly selected reader belonging to that group.
You can click on a group name to sort the media by their descriptiveness for that group.
Each media has the same unit weight which is distributed among the groups.
i.e. bar length of media y for group x = (similarity of group x to media y) / (sum of all group similarities to media y)
Therefore, please note that the most descriptive media for a particular group does not mean that it is the most followed media by that group.

Note: Here we show the media preference of each group separately, independent of their popularity in other groups.
While pie-chart visualizations help us to see the media distribution within a group very well,
inter-group media popularity can better be seen by the sortable bars in this study.