Turkish Media in 2D (MDS & PCA Plots)

Multidimensional scaling (MDS) allows us to visualize (dis)similarities in 2D by trying to preserve the distance between the objects as much as possible. The positioning of the newspapers in the image below is generated using this technique (employed manifold.MDS class in scikit-learn). The colors of the labels are the cluster colors obtained by modularity measure as stated […]

Doctor Referral Network

[This study will be presented at Sunbelt 2014 Conference on February 2014] Examining the referral network characteristics of the doctors and specialties may help us understand the workflows in the healthcare system better. In this study we reveal the patterns as well as anomalies in a complex network. We call it complex because we are […]

Turkish Media Analysis Exploiting Twitter

[UPDATE on 1/11/2014]: Meeting the first item in the future work list below: Groups & Media in Turkey. This study examines the relationship between the followers of Turkish media and their ideological and political positioning exploiting Twitter, a popular micro-blogging and social networking platform. Traditional media, i.e. newspapers, magazines and television channels have accounts/profiles/pages on social media […]