Turkish Media Analysis Exploiting Twitter

[UPDATE on 1/11/2014]: Meeting the first item in the future work list below: Groups & Media in Turkey.

This study examines the relationship between the followers of Turkish media and their ideological and political positioning exploiting Twitter, a popular micro-blogging and social networking platform. Traditional media, i.e. newspapers, magazines and television channels have accounts/profiles/pages on social media where they post the title or a short excerpt of a news along with a link to the page that has the full article/story. Therefore, audience profile of a traditional news source expected to be similar to its followers on social media. Based on this assumption, in this study we examine the relative positioning of traditional media, first by leveraging the characteristics of their followers. Second, we exploit the posts/status updates of the news sources.

We just completed the first phase of the project. Here is an adjacency matrix diagram visualizes readership similarity/distance of Turkish Media by exploiting Twitter Followers API. We collected all of the follower IDs of 31/35 Turkish Media Twitter accounts and four of the newspapers hit our 1 million followers limit in the code. (Note: Twitter API returns the most recent followers). Here is the follower counts of Turkish media on Twitter:


Twitter Follower Counts of Turkish Media

Twitter Follower Counts of Turkish Media

Future Work:

According to the phenomenon of value homophily, people are more inclined towards to the worldviews of their source of information. So, user profiling can be  extended to some other domains as well.

  • Common follower correlations in other dimensions such as politicians, celebrities, etc.
  • Hashtag/Text Similarity of newspapers/columnists/readers
  • First name, location, access (mobile devices/web), etc. distribution
  • Predicting readership from one’s old tweets
  • Visualization techniques for understanding the data and findings better

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    Really nice work! It will be exciting to see this continue to develop