What is your favorite citation manager?

Mine is Zotero. And I am using Papership app on my ios devices. Papership integrates very well into Zotero and lets you access, read and annotate your citation and files on Zotero. If you use Papership also on your mac, which has recently become available, annotated files in your library synch are seamlessly updated on all of your devices.

Since I have good reader app on my iPad, which also lets me use my ios device as a regular usb storage, I did not buy the annotation package ($4.99) of Papership app. I also observed a glitch during free trial mode. Moreover, Papership on mac is $9.99 for now.

There are many blogs and websites on the web telling how their life changed after they met Zotero or some other citation manager. That was the case for me as well. I just do not want to repeat here what you can find in other places. Also, there are many comparisons and how-tos on citation managers which are mostly made available by university libraries that might be useful for you as well:







  • himgil

    I use Qiqqa. It is not just a great tool to manage your citations
    and exporting them to Word, but also, I guess, the ultimate reference
    manager. You can highlight your PDFs, annotate them, giving tags to
    those annotations, categorise them, and manage them ultimately (unlike
    Mendeley, Zotero, or EndNote). You can also export all your highlights
    and annotations (or just tagged ones) to print out or to Word. It is a
    really great tool to keep a track on your PDFs.