District Maps of Turkish Presidential Election 2014

Before presenting the results, I would like to note that to the best of my knowledge there was no district (‘ilce’) level maps of Turkish local elections that was held in March, 2014 (other than mine). Beyond creating the election results, I also had made some analysis and comparisons here, and now I’ll continue from […]

Serving Files with Flask behind nginx & gunicorn

I am building a social media data collection and analysis web application DD-CSS where at some point users download csv or json files. I will discuss this project later, the subject of this post is how to let users download files. First, let me introduce the technologies on the server: Flask is a micro-framework for […]

Computational Social Science Conferences

Its a must for one to keep a list of conferences in his or her study area. So I (re)norganized them but I am probably missing some. I will be more than happy if you let me know (post your comments below) for unlisted related workshops, conferences or journals. If you somehow came across this post, then as you probably […]

Reproduced a classic: Standing Ovation Problem

The standing ovation problem is a simple model introduced by (Miller & Page, 2004) that provides a rich domain from which to explore the world. The problem is basically whether to join to the applauding audience or not. Tricky part is that the decision of an individual does not only depend on his impressions of […]

Computational Analysis of Social Complexity

Computational Analysis of Social Complexity  is an introduction course to agent based modeling and simulation for social scientists offered by Computational Social Science Department at George Mason University. Throughout the semester, class participants present models, review books and model some social process as class projects. In this class I reviewed the book, Complex Adaptive Systems: an Introduction to Computational Models of […]

Intensity Maps of Turkey 2014 Local Elections

[EDIT 5/2/2014 : The vote shares of towns/'ilce's actually reflect the city-level municipality preference of the town occupants not the vote share for that town's mayoral elections. Therefore, color of a town not necessarily represent the party of the mayor of the town] I am writing this post as of April 22nd, after 23 days […]

Coloring & Mapping Ballot Boxes in Ankara

[EDIT]: To overcome the overlapping boxes problem discussed below, I merged the boxes in the same building and created another map. Result after merge is available here and here (click on a marker to get details at that location):  (go to the bottom of the page to see the per ballot box results, i.e. before merge) I just created […]

Turkish Media Networks

  Co-follower similarity of 37 Turkish news media accounts on Twitter. Network is drawn by Gephi with Force Atlas 2 layout. Clusters are colored.

What is your favorite citation manager?

Mine is Zotero. And I am using Papership app on my ios devices. Papership integrates very well into Zotero and lets you access, read and annotate your citation and files on Zotero. If you use Papership also on your mac, which has recently become available, annotated files in your library synch are seamlessly updated on […]