Computational Social Science Conferences

Its a must for one to keep a list of conferences in his or her study area. So I (re)norganized them but I am probably missing some. I will be more than happy if you let me know (post your comments below) for unlisted related workshops, conferences or journals. If you somehow came across this post, then as you probably […]

Computational Analysis of Social Complexity

Computational Analysis of Social Complexity  is an introduction course to agent based modeling and simulation for social scientists offered by Computational Social Science Department at George Mason University. Throughout the semester, class participants present models, review books and model some social process as class projects. In this class I reviewed the book, Complex Adaptive Systems: an Introduction to Computational Models of […]

Introduction to Computational Social Science (CSS)

[EDIT] I had the opportunity to make a presentation on CSS at a workshop in Princeton University. Here is my slides: Introduction to CSS articles: A comprehensive, structured, clear and concise CSS Survey article by Dr. Cioffi-Revilla. Lazer et al. in their Science article  approached the field from the availability of new data and list many examples […]