education taught within the machine learning and inference laboratory

The Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory closely collaborates with academic departments within and outside of GMU to develop and disseminate educational materials to students at all levels.

Hands-on education related to the use of intelligent systems in healthcare is done in collaboration with the GMU Health Informatics Learning Lab (HILL). Click here to see academic programs in the Department of Health Administration and Policy, that hosts health informatics programs at GMU.

     iAQ program demonstrates Natural Induction, that is, an ability of a computer program to learn
knowledge from data in forms natural to people, and by that easy to understand and interpret.

In iAQ, discovered rules are expressed verbally and also as natural language text. The program
has an entertaining introduction, accompanied by music. iAQ can be run on any Windows XP
system. Because of the voice and sound output, to run the program it is necessary to attach
speakers to the computer. An important new feature of iAQ (not yet fully completed) is the “Your
data” option, which allows the user to apply the learning program to the user’s own data. To learn
about the AQ learning methodology, click on “Publications“, and then search for papers
(numerous) that have “AQ” in the title.

To download iAQ click here