EMERALD: an integrated large-scale learning and discovery system for education and research in machine learning

(Michalski, Galkowski, Gorczyca, Jakubiec, Jura, Pawlowski, Rajda)

This project is focused on porting the original version of EMERALD from SUN to PC. This task includes rewriting the Graphic User Interface Using Java, improving it by either making it more attractive and by adding more examples.

This figure presents the opening screen of the EMERALD system developed in the Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory. The EMERALD system (Experimental Machine Example-based Reasoning and Learning Disciple) integrate s five modules (“robots”) each displaying a capability for some form of learning or discovery. The Emerald is based on an earlier system, ILLIAN, which toured all major U.S. Museums of Science.

For references, seeĀ publications section.