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Machine Learning and    Inference Laboratory   

Department of Health    Administration and    Policy   
       Janusz Wojtusiak, Ph.D.

     Currntly I teach four courses:

     HAP 618 - Computationam Methods in Health Informatics (new course starting fall 2015)
     HAP 730 - Healthcere Decision Analysis (usualy offered in summer)
     HAP 752 - Advanced Health Information Systems (usualy offered in spring)
     HAP 780 - Data Mining in Health Care (usualy offered in fall)

     Previously I also taught:
     HAP 709 - Healthcere Databases (usually offered in fall)

     Students interested in health informatics undergraduate and graduate programs, please visit

     Our department offers:
     - M.S. in Health Informatics
     - B.S. in Health Informatics concentration
     - Graduate Certificate in Health Information Systems Management
     - Undergraduate Minor in Health IT

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