Dr. Wojtusiak is an associate professor of health informatics in the George Mason University Department of Health Administration and Policy, and the Division Director for Mason’s Programs in Health Informatics. He also serves as the director of the GMU Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory, and the director of GMU Center for Discovery Science and Health Informatics.

Dr. Janusz Wojtusiak obtained with honors his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Jagiellonian University in 2001, and Ph.D. in Computational Sciences and Informatics (concentration in Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Mining) from George Mason University in 2007. After completing his PhD he became a post-doctoral fellow in the Mason’s Department of Health Administration and Policy.

Dr. Wojtusiak’s research interests include development and use of intelligent systems in healthcare. In particular he focuses on creating artificial intelligence algorithms for clinical decision support and knowledge discovery in medical data, and supporting health services research. Specific methodologies include machine learning, evolutionary computation, and knowledge mining. He authored or co-authored about 100 research publications and presentations in these areas. Some of his current research include work on prediction of patients’ functional decline over time, generation of realistic synthetic patient data, interpretability and transparency of machine learning methods in health, and prediction of wandering patterns in People with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Wojtusiak collaborated with multiple national and international institutions including University of Louisville, University of Bremen, Germany, and AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland. In 2007, he has been a fellow of Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (Hanse Institute for Advanced Study), Germany. Dr. Wojtusiak chaired Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Working Group (KDDM-WG) in American Medical Informatics Asociation (AMIA) in 2013-2014 term.